One of my favorite store departments Neiman Marcus recently opened their first store in Manhattan, Hudson Yards – a few months after I received a dream collaboration proposal from them! I felt like I got rewarded for all the past 3 years of being in this industry.

I still remember my first purchase from NM, which also was my first designer purchase. Three years ago, Gucci launched their slippers that were sold out everywhere. I called NM to check the availability and they were the only store in NYC that had one pair left in my size! I made a purchase through the phone and my shoes arrived to my address in 3 days.

What I like the most about their new store location is great in-store brand selections, aesthetically pleasing interior and beautiful fitting rooms. A lot of department stores are sometimes overwhelming with too many brands in one place. I just get lost and most of the time leave without buying anything. The other good thing is that even during the weekend it’s not too crowded, so I actually can enjoy my shopping time or just go to browse through the store to get some outfit inspiration. They have really great and helpful stylists, and I never feel pressured into buying something.

A few weeks ago I received an opportunity from NM to join and experience one of their InCircle “members-only events”. The event was called “The taste of Italy” by chef Fabrizio Facchini at their Zodiac room. The chef was cooking in front of us, sharing his secrets on how to make a perfect Italian dinner. I really enjoyed the entire dinner experience and also had the opportunity
to meet other members.

Today, I decided to do my first shopping experience at their new location and sign up for a Neiman Marcus InCircle membership by applying for a Neiman Marcus credit card. The sign up process took less than 3 minutes and as soon as I got approved, I used the card towards my purchase and automatically received 5,000 points on the same day!

So what made me sign up for the card?

I was sold immediately after I experienced their members-only event and heard about the other benefits from a friend who’s a member. A private concierge benefit and free two-day online shipping sounded too good to be missed.

Here are all Neiman Marcus InCircle cardholder benefits:

FREE 2-Day online shipping ( circle 2+ ) – probably my favorite benefit. It’s helpful when I have a specific occasion and I need something to be delivered fast or if I’m just ordering something that I’m too excited to arrive.

FREE Gift packaging ( circle 3+) – available in-store and online. Great If you want to buy a present and not worry about wrapping the package at home.

InCircle concierge (circle 4+) – it can arrange personalized travel itineraries, reservations, secure on-demand tickets, etc. I’m very excited about trying this benefit. Sometimes, I don’t have time to search for specific tickets that are sold out fast or if I want to surprise a friend with a reservation in a fancy restaurant.

Member-only events – like the “Taste of Italy” event that I attended the other night, they organize different, fun and exciting events only for their members.

The Point Card – available to all InCircle members to earn points on nearly every purchase they make with the Neiman Marcus credit card at their Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman. You earn 2 points per dollar – with 10,000 InCircle points, you earn $100 Point Card (gift card) to use towards merchandise without exclusions.

The Perk Card (circle 3+) – every swipe of your Neiman Marcus card gets you closer to earning a Perk Card. You’ll periodically receive a Perk Card once you reach Circle 3. Perk Cards can be used towards services like salon/spa services, monogramming, alterations, in-store dining, jewelry upkeep and more. I would probably use my Perk Card mostly on salon/spa services and alterations.

Day of choosing (circle 2+) – another interesting benefit for all shopaholics. InCircle members can select a day to earn double points on virtually any purchase that day made in store, online or catalog. You can pick the day when you’re planning to do big shopping or during the holidays when you’re buying a lot of gifts and earn double the points 🙂

For further information on InCircle benefits and sign up bonus offers click on this link.

Also, feel free to ask any additional questions about my personal thoughts on the card.


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